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Do we have YOUR contact information on file?

Contact information is maintained but not published. If you have additions, corrections, or want to be contacted for the next reunion, please email us. This file contains a list of people we deem "Alumni", which is a subjective term. The list includes:
  • "Seniors" (Students enrolled in our Senior year regardless of graduation status)
  • "Juniors" (Students enrolled in our Junior year who did not become Seniors for any reason)
  • "Classmates" (People with some connection to our class or who expressed an interest in being included)
If you would like to be contacted for the next reunion just send us an email and we will add you to the list!

Download Alumni Roster

PESH 2002 Yearbook & Class Picture

A "blank" Yearbook in PDF can be downloaded below. Beginning on Page 369 is the 20 page B&W insert called "Living in the Now." The last page of the PDF is our class picture in a lower (but still printable) resolution, while the high resolution (600 dpi) image can also be downloaded below. To reprint our yearbook, we recommend using, which only charged us $45 including a hard front and back cover. The cost at Fedex is over $300.

Download the PESH 2002 Yearbook in PDF (212 MB)

Download the PESH 2001 Yearbook in PDF (113 MB)

Download the PESH 2002 Class Picture In High Resolution (250 MB)

PESH Class of 2002 Reunion!